Guiding Light Montessori is a purpose built state of the art facility. We created the space with a vision for it to be:

  • Child-sized – Furniture was curated for children to manage without help with tables and chairs at the right high to allow feet to be flat on the floor and cubbies being sized appropriately for children to be able to put away their own jackets and bags daily.

  • Beautiful in the use of space – Dedicated areas to display children’s art at eye level for them to enjoy. We built the space by getting down at knee level and seeing the space through their eyes.

  • Foster independence – Activities and materials are set up in trays and baskets so that it is easy for children to help themselves

  • Attractive – with age appropriate activities that are displayed on shelves

  • Organized with a place for everything – Encouraging children to develop a strong sense of order, when everything has a place it becomes easy to learn how to put things away

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