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Guiding Light Montessori is founded by a family, passionate about education, with 30+ years of experience internationally. The sister school Guiding Light Academy has been successfully delivering against their mandate to bring academic excellence to school age students from Kindergarten through Grade 8. The Montessori is being set up to offer a compelling education to children aged 18 months – 4 years. Guided by the philosophy of Maria Montessori the preschool will be available to the rich multicultural population of Streetsville and surrounding areas.

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Our Mission

Guiding Light Montessori commits to delivering the core principles of a timeless Montessori education integrated with the advancements made in modern education. Our value system is deeply rooted in a passion for knowledge, accountability, sustainability, conscientiousness and wellbeing. At Guiding Light Montessori achievements, efforts and commitment to goals are celebrated. We empower our students to be the best versions of themselves and appreciate their individuality. We have a culture that enables us to find time for one another, provides security and builds trust.

At Guiding Light we aim to

  • Deliver an education that allows students to achieve their full potential

  • Celebrate uniqueness and allow individual personalities to shine

  • Positively make an impact to practical development in every day life

  • Create a space for reflection and respect with both one’s self and peers

  • Encourage sustainability and a healthy understanding of the environment

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